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BALI HOTEL SUPPLIER is the official website of PT. Inti Dacron Mandiri

BALI HOTEL SUPPLIER brings a wide selection of the highest quality linens and unique products. We offer the latest in pillows, bolsters, bed sheets, duvets ( duvet covers and inners ), cushions, pool mattress, pool umbrellas, towels, and other bedding products. We also continually add new patterns to give our clients the prime selection to choose from.

BALI HOTEL SUPPLIER presents the best, most exclusive and innovative products with style that suits the customer needs.

BALI HOTEL SUPPLIER is the right place for the luxury beddings and decorating needs.


Bali Hotel Supplier Products

Pillows, bolsters, bed sheets, duvet covers and inners, cushions, pool mattress, pool umbrellas, towels and other bedding products. Bali Hotel Supplier dedicates to bring the finest bedding items. We continuously search for the most unique and innovative products and our commitment to provide customer service as well as after sales service and a guarantee.


Prefered Products

bali hotel supplier feather pillow
Feather Pillows
bali hotel supplier cushion
bali hotel supplier duvets
bali hotel supplier bed sheet
Bed Sheets


Other Products

bali hotel supplier towels
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bali hotel supplier bathrobe
Bathrobe & Kimono
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bali hotel supplier seatpad
Seat Pads & Pool Mattresses
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bali hotel supplier pool umbrellas
Pool Umbrellas
The swimming pool adjustable umbrella can be made from wood, steel, and aluminium material with offer from four to eight ribs. Wood poles are ... [pool umbrellas read more]
bali hotel supplier sofas
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bali hotel supplier looking for sale
Looking for Sale
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